“If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.” Kurt Lewin


I help organisations to innovate in ways that work for people too.

I’ve yet to see a milestone plan that captures the chaotic way that change unfolds. Each transformation is unique, complex and full of surprises – because people are! Fresh challenges spring up as people make sense of what’s happening around them, explore new ways of working and decide on their next steps. So I help organisations get curious about what’s emerging and what’s possible – working WITH the inevitable unravelling. Planning and making progress with what’s predictable whilst learning and adapting to the unexpected. Navigating the ups, downs, twists and turns along the way. Because in life, nothing ever stays the same.

What's Meaningful?

We need:

A solid plan for the things we can predict, a clear vision of the future and the flexibility to adjust to fresh perspectives. Rocking the boat AND holding it steady.

Cultures where people continuously learn from and adapt to new challenges as they emerge, resetting the route whilst keeping the destination in sight.

Freedom for people to move towards new goals by deciding how they want to organise themselves and resolve challenges with others. Spaces where people can make sense of it all, and discover new meaning. Thriving through change.

Where success really is about choice, not control.

Progress feels meaningful for the people who make it all happen.

And where organisations can achieve purposeful, sustainable and impactful growth.

Penny’s ability to observe cultural and behavioural status quo at different management levels and then recommend tailored solutions enabled us to influence key stakeholders into using more creative, sometimes unusual, but always effective approaches.  Her inputs allowed us to pre-empt potential colleague responses to substantial change and prepare them for the transition to new operating models.  The approach used was fundamental to our success in achieving what has been hailed as our most complex and yet smooth organisational change.  Incredible value. Thank you Penny. Nicola

Head of Distribution People Strategy