“We can only lead in so far as we have gone before.” Scott Peck

CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP – with intent and choice


I help leaders to explore what they know, who they are and how they choose to be.

To make sense of change for themselves and make it possible for others to decide the difference they want to make, day to day.  Bringing meaning and purpose to the way they lead others.

What if...?

Leaders acted with insight AND compassion? Looked to others for answers? Connected people? Maintained 20:20 vision in the heat of the moment? Reflected IN action? Encouraged experimentation? Accepted, valued and respected others for who they are? Created places where people flourished?

It’s impossible to script leadership. Our leadership is informed by who we are, and we are all different. I help leaders to make sense of change for themselves and decide on the difference they want to make, day to day, for others.

Conscious leaders are self-aware, have the courage to invite in other perspectives. They hold back on their own answers, knowing that what they see is ALL the see. And it’s only half the picture. I help leaders to go after the technicolour 3D big picture by involving others in solutions.

They serve others. They have the capacity to bring calm and clarity during turbulence. They observe brilliantly, looking beyond what they think they see to what is actually happening around them. Occupying the space between hope, and fear, to see just what is present.

I’ve helped leaders to enhance what they know and explore who and how they are. Building personal effectiveness and bringing meaning and purpose to the way they coach and support others.

Penny worked with me to create a dialogic OD report for a senior leadership team away day I was facilitating as part of their leadership development journey.  Her insights and reporting back to the group were inspired.  The way she captured the mood, the undercurrents and her use of metaphors were magical and brought the group to a different place than they would have reached without her intervention.  I cannot recommend this approach enough, thank you Penny! Dawn Jarvis

Managing Director, P&OD Partners

Penny has a powerful physical presence and a sharp presence of mind, which together seem to connect her with the depths of life, work and whatever is real in the present moment. That encourages others around her to look inside themselves for what resonates and is worth voicing, deepening the exchange and generating a more meaningful conversation.

Tom Kenward

Head of Qualifications, Roffey Park