“Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first. Our thinking depends
on the quality of our attention for each other.”
Nancy Kline



Using only one way of learning leaves people and their brilliant ideas out in the cold, limiting innovation. Staying ahead of the competition means involving everyone. 

We all have the capacity within us to do things differently, we just need to access our own potential. I help people discover their strengths, work effectively together and develop as part of a diverse team. 

Find out how!

It’s starts with asking the right questions. By exploring the contribution that difference, democracy and inclusion can make to our decisions and actions, in pursuing business goals.

By balancing the way we work together in groups right from the start and learning in context with others. Where people can discover their strengths and areas where they can grow as part of a developing team. In ways that cater for everyone’s ways of learning.

Giving each other the quality of our attention by taking time to notice what’s going on when working in groups. Building our own self awareness by clocking our own reactions. And being present and demonstrating empathy for others by ensuring all voices and views are heard, acknowledged and decisions are made together.

We need creative ways of working through problems. Coaching which helps groups build their listening skills and the space and courage for healthy challenge to happen. Ways of seeing the same issues differently. Breaking out, and breaking through.

The events were superb!   At a testing time of significant change for everyone in the business the workshops not only helped solve the immediate challenges, but really set the tone for the whole organisational change (which is the biggest we’ve ever had).  The spirit was one of renewal and a growth mind-set.  The event was designed to allow participants to really experience learning in a different way, that was more self-organised and that accessed their own potential – and boy it delivered!


Regional Director

Penny really brought our training to life with her unique naturally engaging style of delivery. Thought provoking and yet energetic at the same time and with a real sense of purpose. Jayne

Regional Director