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What’s been meaningful, mattered and brought happiness to others…

Penny delivered an informative, interactive and thought provoking event on Transformational Leadership for the Lincolnshire Branch of the CIPD in January 2019. Attendees overwhelmingly found Penny’s style of delivery engaging with many of the feedback comments indicating an enthusiasm to apply the learning in their day to day working lives immediately. From my perspective, it was a joy to invite Penny to the branch and she will be warmly welcomed at any future events. 

Penny Lee

Chair, Lincolnshire Branch, CIPD

Penny is one of the most empathic people I have ever met. She is strategic, seeing the big picture, and able to bring others on the same journey.  She has a radar for the human side of teams, noticing and intervening when forces block effective progress. Penny has a unique ability to positively start the conversations that others avoid, clearing the air AND contributing significantly to the positive team dynamic. We all need more Penny’s supporting transformation and culture! Claire Callan

Global Innovation Relationship Manager, HSBC

Penny is able to identify the real underlying problem facing a group or organization and work with individuals at all levels to make a tangible improvement.  From her experience at working with the most senior executives within a business to her understanding and empathy with the broader employee populations she is able to build and develop trust and relationships which allow her to deliver some world class change management solutions. Sally Camm

Senior Director, Capital One

Penny brings a level of enthusiasm and passion to her role which is rarely found elsewhere. Having worked closely with Penny over the course of a two-year period, I valued Penny’s inputs greatly – she was often able to bring unique perspectives to the issues, along with identifying options to address these. As well as being a very creative individual, Penny has superb written and verbal communication skills, and outstanding organisational skills. It would be an honour for me to work alongside Penny again in the future. Paul McCafferty

Chief Operating Officer, EFG International

A slick and fast paced well received regional event in which Penny developed material and exercises to help stimulate different ways of thinking to maximise team effectiveness at a time of landing and embedding significant change.


Regional Director

In a world where my life is spent on calls your innovative content always makes me smile!! Thank you. Paul

Senior Manager

Penny’s approach started with our senior executive team who were leading the strategic development and change of the business. She challenged us to think about what we were doing through different lenses, which was uncomfortable at times, but meant that we addressed all of the difficult areas thoroughly and gave us confidence that what we were doing was ultimately the right thing for our business, our colleagues and our clients. The workshops she led increased our commitment to the change and ensured the absolute correct attention to detail on the complex areas that we were going to have to manage. She structured a colleague journey that included forums for our teams and allowed them to be part of the change, empowering and inspiring them to deliver creative solutions and overcome problems. We ultimately delivered a very complex programme across multiple workstreams that positive impacted our business with minimum downside. What Penny delivered, as well as the way she delivered it, was one of the key pillars of us being successful. Andrea Horner

Managing Director, Andrea Horner Limited

Penny was great to work with. She very quickly identified and built rapport with key stakeholders, engaging them and working collaboratively to bring them on the journey to identify a totally new way of coaching and preparing colleagues to meet customers’ needs in a different way. Her approach empowered colleagues to think differently and enabled them to engage in a process of change that had a significant impact on both the customer and colleague experience. Elizabeth Lewis

Client Experience Consultant

I’ve found Penny to be an excellent and empathetic listener, thoughtful and effective in her responses and interventions, and also unafraid to speak frankly and take the conversation forward. She is fully present and wins trust easily, and I have no hesitation recommending her as a coach and consultant. Dawn Yip

Soulbreath Consulting

Thank you so much for all your help and support with this programme, it’s been wonderful to work with you and you’ve been a breath of fresh air, teaching us how to think a little differently and, I admit, more humanly. Hayley


Penny has that knack of being able to cut through ambiguity to find a clear way forward, managing senior stakeholders with tact and dexterity. She understands the people side of change particularly well and, as well as being a great strategic thinker, comes up with creative tactics to help engage people and manage resistance. She gives great counsel and always talks sense. Sue Mason

Consultant, Communications For Results

Penny is exceptionally organised, totally dependable and highly professional at all times. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and I would love to work with her again in the future. She comes highly recommended. Cathy Power

Global Internal Communications Manager, Experian