What’s Meaningful?

I help organisations to involve people in honest conversations before, during and after change happens.
To make sense of it all. Together.
To invest time thinking slowly, so that results can be rapid.
Minimising risks and surprises by paying attention to emerging wisdom. Turning it into competitive advantage.
Helping organisations and people to flourish and have impact. 

The wellbeing of the colleague was always at the fore of what you did – and that included the wellbeing of those involved in the delivery of the programme – which is something I think very rarely happens. I noticed that you were keen to ensure we ‘looked after ourselves’ as a unit so that we could look after the work we did for colleagues. In our roles we go from call to call, meeting to meeting without pausing to reflect, or at times, prepare our minds for the next call – and we do need to change gear constantly so that is dangerous. You made us think and behave differently – in a good way. Your consistent approach to make us stop and reflect was valuable. Steve

Head of Planning and Engagement

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