How do you supercharge your creativity?

See the big picture AND the detail?
Do you know who can help you spot the things you miss?
And how can we get better at broadening our views?

“I’m a writer, because I write”

In July I went on my first ever writer’s retreat, where I learnt that anyone who writes, is a writer.

So I’m a writer!

I discovered that the type of writing you produce depends on the way you think – synthetically or analytically. It’s all news to me, and fascinating. It seems I’m synthetic – which has all sorts of connotations my ego is learning to ignore.

I look at the whole picture, appreciate the collective ‘whole’ and get a sense of what’s happening by sensing the world around me, and seeing it in one go. Standing back to see the full Monet…

In my work I try to help people gaze upwards to see the big picture – their vision of how things are, where they fit in and how they want things to be in the future.

But there’s a catch. Because my natural style isn’t analytic I can miss some of the detail. I start from a broad view and work down towards narrow data points to confirm what I’m seeing. It’s a confirmation bias I need to be aware of. And I know that with any changes I’m supporting I need to work with others in order to see ALL the information in its fullness to appreciate the completeness of the challenge.

I’m using these books to help me work on seeing the detail in focus:

642 tiny things to write about

Writing down the bones: Natalie Goldberg

World painting: Rebecca McClanahan

Analytical thinkers of course are opposite. They start from the broadest data possible, seeing everything in minute and accurate technicolour, and then they work their way up to a narrower bigger picture. Therefore we need each other to see information in the margins that we might otherwise miss.

I partner with all types of people and all types of thinkers in pursuit of meaningful work. Perspectives enrich my progress. Fact.